Solar-panels for Homes & Industry

– A green and profitable investment for all…

At Pro-Sunpower we provide guidance, and sell solar-panels and equipment for installation and operation, to private homes and professionals alike.

The worldwide focus on energy consumption means that we all need to reduce our energy consumption for the sake of the climate. In a wider perspective, solarpower is the only renewable form of energy that produces electricity which can easily fit into built-up areas. Solarpower is the alternative that benefits the individual, the society and the earth’s climate.

The possibilities are endless, but we will help you make the right decision.

Solar cells are an attractive investment because:

– Big economic benefits
– Minimal maintenance required
– Long lasting products

Highest quality, extensive knowledge, and qualified consultancy

We have an extensive experience in energy solutions and offer you professional advice before you invest in a solar powerplant. Our staff has been working with renewable energy for several years, and has built up an extensive knowledge and understanding, to offer guidance on solutions and applications.

10 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty

Our solutions are of high quality and extremely reliable. Our supplier offers 10-year product warranty, and a 25 year performance guarantee.

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